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Final Preparation for the big day… the IVA test

After returning from the paint shop the car was prepared for the IVA test. This involved fitting the windscreen, side windows, the interior trim, door cards, seats and harness belts. Additionally the door handles, locks, exterior trim and mirrors were fitted along with the front, rear and indicator lights and mud flaps. The IVA compliant dashboard and exhaust was also fitted.

The IVA test

The IVA inspection (Individual Vehicle Approval inspection) was booked at the VOSA test facility in Derby with the IVA certificate issued on 4th January 2020.

An IVA inspection is for vehicles that are required to be registered in the UK that don’t have a Certificate of Conformity. The inspection is mostly used for one-off builds or small production runs and vehicles submitted for IVA need to demonstrate that they comply with the provisions of the relevant government regulations. ListerBell were responsible for preparing and presenting the car for the inspection and the associated paperwork.