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Putting things together and onto the rolling road


The next stage was to have all the electrical wiring associated with the engine and ECU completed in preparation for the car being transported to SCS-Delta, the specialist ECU company who would have the car for the week and set up the engine mapping on the rolling road.



The engine was started and run on a base map prior to going into the rolling road for proper set-up and tuning

From the SCS website: SCS designs and manufactures powertrain control electronics for a wide variety of applications. Our market leading Delta range of engine management systems (ECUs) is capable of controlling virtually any internal combustion engine including gasoline direct injection and common rail diesel.

The ECU hardware and software is designed and developed by our engineers in the UK and we are able to offer bespoke application development to suit your requirements. We have produced ECUs to control engines in motorsport, automotive, military, marine and aeronautical environments.

SCS have experience with hybrid integration, range extenders and industrial control systems using CAN. All of our ECUs have at least one CAN bus as standard and are able to integrate with a vehicle’s CAN bus to enable ‘plug and play’ standalone ECU replacement for full control over all engine parameters whilst retaining the functionality (instruments, climate control, power steering, ABS etc.) of the original vehicle. SCS are constantly adding to our range of ECU kits that include all required wiring and an ECU pre-calibrated for a standard engine.

One of the main things I had in my head at the start of the project was to have some sort of switchable or variable mapping of the engine ECU. That would allow a Rally Car mode or essentially a “Pop-Bang-Crackle & Flames” mode and give a bit of occasional drama and theater to the car. Fortunately the engine management ecu was able to accommodate this and the folk doing the engine mapping on the rolling road were able to send me this little taster video of the car at mild revs which just whets the appetite to see and hear screaming at 7000 rpm

The rolling road session went well and apparently the engine pulled like a train. The engine was mapped on 95 RON standard fuel and made a conservative 296.3 BHP. A great result.