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Return to the Rolling Road

Having passed the IVA then fitted the Fast Road spec AH Motorsport camshafts and vernier pulleys to the engine along with the GP4 exhaust and performance airbox the car was transported back to SCS-Delta to be remapped to be optimally set up for the new configuration. As before, the intention was to have a selectable map in the ecu to allow a “rally mode” or more properly a “pop-bang-flames” mode.




The standard 3.2 litre Alfa Romeo engine consistently developed around 240 BHP on the SCS dyno.

The initial mapping session the previous year on my car had shown the engine to be running at 296 BHP with the benefit of the ITB package and the free flowing Group 4 exhaust.



The final mapping session was again done on standard 95 RON fuel. The car was in the spec it would be on the road with the bodywork, airbox, air filters in situ. With the benefit of the ITB package, AH Motorsport Fast Road cams and Group 4 exhaust the engine made an impressive 322.2 BHP on the dyno.

This represented an increase of around 33% over the standard output in terms of power. At IVA in road trim the car weighed 960kg for a power/weight ratio of around 335 BHP / Tonne.




The free flowing decat exhaust and wilder cam profile made a big difference to the overall sound.

Test Drive